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Kommunicate is a modern messaging software for real-time, proactive and personalized support.



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  • Dialogflow vs Lex vs Watson vs Wit vs Azure Bot | Which Chatbot Service Platform To Use?
    Chatbots are a revolution in customer communication. Nowadays, companies are relying heavily on chatbots to automate and reduce the workload on humans. At Kommunicate, we evaluated many chatbot building platforms for various use cases such as customer support and service. Below is the list of chatbot platforms which got our attention. Dialogflow Amazon Lex IBM […]
  • Kommunicate Product updates April 2019 | Auto-resolve conversations, chat widget, latest mobile SDK’s
    We pour a lot of passion and creativity into making our product better each and every day. The April version of the product release includes the Latest version of IOS and Android SDK’S, Bug fixes, Improved UX and Auto-resolve conversation feature release. If you have missed previous versions of product updates, head here. Dashboard improvements, […]
  • Chatbots in Banking | Benefits, Building Blocks, Examples and Future
    Conversations with customers have become the need of the hour for businesses. Now we are witnessing a paradigm shift from mass-centered to granular, account-based approach. Banks and other financial institutions, who work closely with customers and rely heavily on customer relationships, have always leveraged technology to assist them. First, it was internet banking in the […]
  • How Quick Replies Can Be Effective For Live Chat
    According to research, 52% of consumers repurchase from companies which offer live chat support. That’s why growing industries prefer to integrate the live chat option with their website nowadays. Moreover, the same research finds that 79% of industrialist thinks that live chat grows sales, revenue, and customer loyalty. One of the most important factors live […]
  • Here’s What’s New from March 2019 | Kommunicate Product Updates
    The financial year is over and I get that you were busy in closing your year-end work but the grind continues. Meanwhile, here at Kommunicate, our product and engineering teams were working in bettering Kommunicate for the new financial year and the years to come after that. Read along to know more about new features, […]
  • Customer Support Glossary (A-Z)
    Every aspect of your business has its own terminology. These terminologies facilitate better internal communication and also improves their customer communications. Additionally, this helps in a team and individual evaluation as well. In this post, we have listed the A-Z customer support terms and definitions. Average Problem Resolution Time Canned Responses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) […]
  • How to Build Strong Customer Relationships?
    Customer relationships plays an important role in growth of the any business. The digital transformation has completely changed the way businesses operates and communicate with customers. Now it’s easier than ever to get in front of your customers. But the sad part is most of the communication processes are automated and lacks the human touch. […]
  • The Role of Live Chat and Chatbots in Marketing
    Did you know that your customers want to have a one-on-one conversation with you? Yes, that’s right. They want to communicate to you directly and seek quick answers to their questions and requests. This is also one of the main reasons why conversational marketing is becoming increasingly popular among online businesses. It’s a feedback-oriented approach to […]
  • Here’s What’s New from February 2019 | Kommunicate Product Updates
    For the previous version of Kommunicate Product Updates, head here. In the February version of the Product Updates, we have come up with some important feature releases, design and UX improvements, and a few bug fixes to improve your overall experience with Kommunicate. Web App(Pipedrive integration, Custom domain mapping) Pipedrive integration Pipedrive, a leading sales […]
  • Building Ionic/Cordova Chatbot with Dialogflow (API.ai)
    In the previous post, we presented you with simple and effective guides to integrating Dialogflow bot in a website, Android and iOS apps. In this article, we will be sharing steps to do the same in an Ionic/Cordova app. All you need to build a sample chatbot using  Dialogflow and Kommunicate for an Ionic/Cordova app.  Both […]
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