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Kommunicate is a modern messaging software for real-time, proactive and personalized support.



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  • Proactive Customer Support and its Benefits
    Everyone one of us already aware that customer experience plays an important role in the current competitive market. Gartner’s report also says that 80% of businesses are going to compete based on customer experience in upcoming days. You might already have an excellent time and putting in the best efforts to support your customers. But […]
  • Here’s What’s New from August 2019 | Kommunicate Product Updates
    Your favorite customer support tool is updated with more powerful features and improvements. The August release includes the latest version of iOS SDK, Bug fixes and major improvements in Web App. If you have missed July release updates, read here. Web App Initial Page: Now you can get to know the initial URL from where […]
  • How Email Saves the Day in Customer Support and Marketing
    Consumers are overwhelmed with company communications every single day. As a result, businesses and brands need to find ways to foster a much deeper relationship with their customers. There is a dire need to be able to maintain an open communication channel constantly, yet without being invasive. People all across the world have grown to […]
  • Integrate Amazon Lex Chatbot Into Website
    Amazon Lex is a service by AWS for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text. Lex has quickly become popular among the chatbots enthusiasts. Notably, popular Amazon products such as Alexa are powered by the same technology as that of Amazon Lex. In this blog, I will help you to understand the […]
  • Here’s What’s New from July 2019 | Kommunicate Product Updates
    Your favorite customer support tool got some powerful updates and features in the month of July. The recent update includes the multiple language support for welcome messages, the latest version of mobile SDKs and other improvements. If you have missed previous versions of product updates, Read here.  Web App Multiple languages support for welcome messages Now […]
  • 9 Ways to Deliver Good Customer Service
    You know that amazing satisfaction when a customer service representative treats you like royalty. Perhaps you’ve struggled with a faulty bike, clothes that looked different online or nightmares when booking overseas hotels. How great does it feel to have a kind, attentive listening ear from somebody who knows the product inside out? Maybe you’ve enjoyed […]
  • 5 Ways to Transform Customer Experience in Banking
    Most banks and financial management companies compete to attract customers by offering high-interest rates, lower fees, and digital services. While these aspects vary in negligible amounts from bank to bank, how does a customer single out one? The answer lies in providing a better customer experience in banking. Customer service remains the top reason for […]
  • Your Guide to Writing Perfect (Almost) Chatbot Scripts
    Traditional marketing strategies consist of content on websites, blogs, social media, and email. And there have been many transformations in that content over time – the text has given way to visuals and media; businesses focus on relationships and trust rather than on hard sells; savvy consumers what “social proof” of the value business brings […]
  • How Chatbots are Automating Your Customer Experience?
    Chatbots are not human, but they do think and respond like one. This has led chatbots to grow bigger in recent times into a platform for information exchange right after voice. Given that live chat with chatbots provides almost 73% customer satisfaction, it is not surprising that by 2020, almost 85% of customer interactions will […]
  • Here’s What’s New from June 2019 | Kommunicate Product Updates
    We have been working hard and hustling in the month of June to bring the latest powerful features for you. The June release includes Amazon Lex bot integration, CSAT rating tool, new feature-rich Helpcenter, Bot integration flow improvements, latest iOS/Android SDKs, and other improvements. If you have missed previous versions of product updates, Read here. […]
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